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The next meeting will be Wednesday, July 7 at Wise Property Managment. The address is:

17824 N US HWY. 41 ~ Lutz Fl 33549

The Agenda is Lawns. We will only be discussing lawn violations


Letters were sent out in February stating the intentions of the DPP Board and Wise Property Management. The letters stated that the appearance of lawns is to be enforced. The letter was sent out early enough to give folks time to get their affairs in order, and plan to have their yards up to par.

What we are hearing:

Q. The county water restriction makes it impossible to keep the grass alive.

A. Wrong. Your grass can easily survive on once a week watering. Many of the homes with great yards only water once a week. Your irrigation system may need to be checked. Many of the systems installed were not properly checked after installation and have areas that do not receive any water; also, you may not be watering long enough. Check the Florida Extension Office website for information on St. Augustine Grass. You can find watering tips, info on fungus, and insect information.

Next Meeting

Check back. I am trying to arrange a meeting before letters of yard violations are turned over to the association attorney. I will post the date on this site, and after that another website update may not happen for some time. I am short on time and have other things going on. Many thanks to those neighbors taking the time to shape their yards up, and to those sending us responses on your intentions to get your lawn under control. It really does make a difference.

HOA Board Members

A little helpful knowledge about the Deer Park Preserve HOA Board Members.

The homeowners who serve on the Board earn zero dollars in salary for holding their positions. They are volunteers, yet they spend many hours of their personal time looking after and caring about the neighborhood where we all live. Further, the homeowners on the Board do not walk the neighborhood looking for violations, they do not profit from late fees, nor do the board members send attorney letters.

Deer Park Preserve HOA Inc. has retained the services of Wise Property Management to do all of the work listed above except, send attorney letters which must be sent by the Association's attorney. The management company follows the same rules each of us homeowners was presented with upon the closing of our property. The Blue Book containing the Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&R) is our guide, and this guide is what the manager uses when driving through our community to inspect it.

The Deer Park Preserve HOA does, however, support Wise Management. The goal of the Deer Park Preserve HOA and Wise Management is to keep our property values as high as possible. We understand that economic times are tough and home prices are falling; these make it even more important for each of us homeowners to try especially hard to keep up with our properties. Whatever we don't do actually brings down the property value of ALL THE HOMES in the neighborhood without our realizing it.




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